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COVID-19 Food Deliveries
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

We thank all those who have joined efforts with The Whole Person Foundation as we mobilize to combat the effects COVID-19 has had on Nigerian communities. This pandemic has left even more residents in a vulnerable position without ample access to basic necessities such as food and sanitation. We are still accepting donations to be able to continuously provide the residents of various Nigerian communities with groceries and cleaning supplies to help residents in this time of need. For just $15 we were able to provide groceries to a family of 5, and have been able to provide 300 families with groceries so far!!! Thanks to the donations we have gotten so far, we have been able to deliver groceries to the residents of Umuohiagu, Emekuku, Umuhia, Umuaka, Abuja, Agukwu Nri, Obigbo, Mbaise, Lagos, Asaba, and Port Harcourt. Please continue to help support The Whole Person Foundation’s COVID-19 efforts by donating to our fund so that we can mobilize even more to combat hunger and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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