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Provision of Essential Medicines/Medical Equipment to PHC
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

essayez ce site web The PHC is the primary healthcare center and has the primary role of providing basic health care to every community member. In Nigeria as with every other underserved society, the government does not adequately fund theses centers. Lack of essential medicines and amenities amongst other issues are frequently the case.

rencontre sexe 05100 Our program will support primary healthcare centers in providing some of the basic amenities and infrastructure they need to provide basic healthcare to community members. The underlying factor will be involvement of community leaders in taking responsibility and accountability of whatever resources are provided and ensuring that workers do not abuse these resources

Since our inception in September 2018, we have provided eleven communities with delivery beds

Okwu Community Health Center

Umuohiagu Community Health Center

Umuaka Community Hospital

Umuneke Community Hospital

Nneorie Community Health Center

Uboegbelu Community Health Center

Ulakwo Community Health Center

St Theresa Clinic, Umuofor, Amaimo

St Mary’s Children and Community Hospital Umuowa

Awka Community Health Center

Ogbuolu Community Health Center

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